If you want to check how the card number currently stored in BioStar 2 is stored, please refer to the below test and check it.

1. For this test we will take the following card number: 252-15298 which has already been added to a user in BioStar 2:

2. This number is a 26bit card format the parity of it is 8bits for FC and 16bits(see your card bit frame) for the card number:

FC: 252
Card number: 15298

We enter FC in the calculator which is 252 gives us in binary the following: 1111 1100

3. Now we enter the card number that 15298 and gives us in binary: 11 1011 1100 0010

We add two "0" to complete the 16bits: 0011 1011 1100 0010

4. We put together both values as 1111 1100 0011 1011 1100 0010 and enter them in the calculator:

5. Now we retrieve the number that 16530370 in the BioStar 2 DB within the table t_crd, and check which corresponds to CRDUID.

6. Check the same value of CRDUID that we matched in t_crd, and confirm the corresponding USRUID in table t_usrcrd.

7. Confirm the same USRUID value in t_usr.

The conversion we made with the calculator is done by BioStar 2 internally so to extract the information you would have to link the data in the USRUID column of table t_usr to the tiles as listed in table t_usrcrd and then to the number of CSNCRD in table t_crd.