License Backup

Regarding the BioConnect license, refer to the following article.

- How to Obtain and Expand Licenses in Bioconnect Enterprise

Backup Instructions

With respect to you want to re-use BioConnect DB if you already had backup DB, we share the way through below. We hope that the below steps will help you.

1. Login using MS SQL Management Studio. You may use SQL Server authentication mode or Windows authentication mode.


2. Right-click on DATABASE and select NEW DATABASE. 


3. In DATABASE NAME type Bioconnect5. 


4. Right-click on Bioconnect5 that you created and click TASKS > RESTORE > Database. 


5. Select DEVICE and click to add the file with the backup that you already had. 


6. If during the restoration you get to have some fault like the one shown below, go to step 7. 

"System.Data.SqlClient/SqlError: The backup set holds a backup of a database other than the existing 'Bioconnect5' database, (Microsoft.SqlServer.SmoExtended)"

7. Right-click on Bioconnect5, and click Properties.


8. Select Options and in the RECOVERY MODEL option select FULL: 

9. Right-click on Bioconnect5, and click TASKS > RESTORE > Database.




11. Select DEVICE and click to add the file with the backup that you already had. 



12. If the restore is successful, it will show us a message like the following: 


13. Check the created tables through restoring task.



14. Confirm dbo.User table, and we might see users we had on the old server.


15. Run Bioconnect SETUP ASSISTANT and Step 5 that Installation TYPE select as CUSTOM.  

16. Write the name of our instance to MSSQL as well as the name of the database where the  Bioconnect backup was restored. Select the authentication mode and click the NEXT button. 

17. If the above data is entered correctly, you may show us the following message.

18. Continue with the installation according to the instructions given to us by the Bioconnect SETUP ASSISTANT.