Dear Valued Partners,

BioStar 2.8.10 is now available from our website. (Download)

Please check the below and keep using the latest version of BioStar 2.

New Features & Improvements

1. Enhanced Visual Face functionality.

  • Supports drag & drop when registering Visual Face with 'Upload Image.'
  • Provides guidance on success or failure of Visual Face Mobile Enrollment so that users can retry registration in the case of failure.
  • Changed the maximum size and capacity for Visual Face image files.

2. Improved Thermal Camera functionality.

  • Added minimum threshold temperature setting.

* Device firmware versions that support minimum threshold temperature setting:

FaceStation 2 firmwareFaceStation F2 firmware
1.4.2 or later1.0.2 or later

3. Improved Email Settings.

  • Limited the file size of a company logo image to 5 MB.
  • Added a warning message for attempting to send a Send Visual Face Mobile Enrollment Link without setting the SMTP.
  • Added a warning message for attempting to send a Visual Face Mobile Enrollment Link to users without email information.
  • Supports SMTP servers that do not require a username and password.

4. Intelligent Slave Support. (Relevant Article) 

  • Intelligent Slave: A function that enables 1:1 or 1:N matching directly from the Suprema device and transmits the authentication result as OSDP card data to the third-party controller.
  • Supported devices: BioEntry W2 firmware 1.6.3 or later

5. Supports new Export/Import User Information. (Relevant Article) 

* The existing data file Export/Import User Information method from older BioStar 2 versions will not be supported after upgrading to this version.

* Device firmware versions that support new Export/Import User Information:

BioStation 2 firmwareBioStation A2 firmwareFaceStation 2 firmwareFaceStation F2 firmware
1.9.0 or later1.8.0 or later1.4.0 or later1.0.0 or later

* For Visual Face registered through Upload Image or mobile links, data cannot be transferred to the FaceStation F2 using the Export/Import User Information.

6. Screensaver support for FaceStation 2 and FaceStation F2.

7. New API 2.8.10 standard supplement. (Relevant Article) 

  • The largest user group ID was sent as a response value regardless of the user group ID when creating a user group using POST/api/user_groups.
  • Stabilized Swagger API functions related to server matching, CSV export and import.

8. Improved to recover only the file having an error when a conf file error occurs.

9. Updated the German resource file.

Bug fixes

* Main bug fixes are mentioned below. Please check the attached revision note to find the left items.

  1. User and user groups were not getting updated after upgrading to 2.7.11 or later from BioStar 2 version 2.6.0 or earlier in an HTTP-enabled environment. (Affects version: v2.7.11)
  2. A warning message indicating to upgrade the firmware to the latest release was not displayed when connecting to FaceStation F2 running an older version of the firmware. (Affects version: v2.8.6)
  3. Device default authentication mode was able to be used for users while Private Mode was set to “Exclude Device Default Authentication Mode”. (Affects version: v2.8.6)
  4. The Celsius/Fahrenheit mark was incorrectly displayed in the Trigger & Action alert email. (Affects version: v2.8.8)
  5. The server did not work properly if the event code contained invalid values when generating Trigger & Action-related event logs. (Affects version: v2.7.12)
  6. Registering a Visual Face was not correctly done due to image rotation when using Chrome version 86. (Affects version v2.8.6)

  7. A simultaneous connection error occurred when connecting with the same account at the same time, even though Simultaneous Connection Allow was disabled. (Affects version: v2.7.11)

  8. Visual Face CSV import failed when using the Wiegand format or a Custom User Field. (Affects version: v2.8.8)

  9. Email transmission did not function properly when SMTP Security Type was 'None' or 'TLS' in email settings. (Affects version: v2.8.6)

  10. From BioStar 2 version 2.8.5 or earlier using MS SQL Server database, if the BioStar 2 was upgraded to a higher version after turning off the “Encrypt Personal Data on Database” the event logs did not appear from the Event Log menu. (Affects version: v2.8.0)

  11. If there were duplicate rows in the TA database’s Punch Log, the TIME ATTENDANCE menu could not be accessed after upgrading the version to 2.8.9. (Affects version: v2.8.9)

  12. Face Detect Settings was initialized after changing face settings from the FaceStation F2’s configuration page. (Affects version: v2.8.9)

  13. User synchronization in the T&A menu did not work properly when adding users or editing user information after deleting a user with a history of modifying the punch logs. (Affects version: v2.8.9)

  14. The event list was not displayed in event log data exported to PDF. (Affects version: v2.8.9)

  15. The options for Wiegand Input, Output, and Input/Output were displayed as if they were able to be set simultaneously from the FaceStation F2’s configuration page. (Affects version: v2.8.6)

  16. If clicking Apply in the SERVER menu after setting the mobile access card option to 'Use', the setting was changed to 'Not Use'.

  17. When registering a new user by using the same user ID of the deleted user who had Punch logs, the previous user's Punch logs were displayed. (Affects version: v2.8.9)