DE-620 is a USB smart card reader and it is connectable to BioStar 2 or BioStar 1 SW.
The manufacture of DE-620 is Dual-i and you should have the DE-620 SDK.

There are frequently asked questions about DE-620 integration.

[Pic 1. DE-620 USB Card Reader]

1. Could we read a card from DE-620 via Suprema Integration Options such as BioStar 2 Device SDK, G-SDK, or BioStar 2 API?

It is not possible to read or write a card number with Suprema Solutions because Suprema also refers to the DE-620 SDK.

For the SDK information, please contact Dual-I and download the SDK additionally.

DE-620 information:

Download Center(Sign up is required):

2. We have DE-620 Software Development Kit(SDK) to integrate DE-620 into Suprema System. What is the next step to integrate it with Suprema Integration Options?

You can call the functions of DE-620 SDK into the Suprema Integration Options. 

Please refer to the below article to be aware of Suprema System method.

[BioStar 2 SDK] Tips for writing smart card

3. What card type does DE-620 support with Suprema Products?

It depends on reading CSN or issuing an Access On Card of BioStar 2 system.

1) CSN Method: MIFARE Classic, MIFARE Plus, Felica, DESFire

2) Access On Card Method: MIFARE Classic

4. BioStar 2 Software installs USB Agent to connect BioMini USB Fingerprint device and DE-620 USB card reader. Could we use the USB Agent to our integration solution?

No, this is for BioStar 2 Software system. You should have your USB service with referring to DE-620 SDK.

5. Others

[Known Issue] DE620 (USB Card Reader) in BioStar2 SW doesn't support Mifare Plus AoC