If the BioStar 2 server and MS SQL Database Server are separated and installed on a different PC, it may be necessary to reinstall only the BioStar 2 server for unavoidable reasons.

  • The PC on which the BioStar 2 server is installed is broken.
  • You need to change the PC where BioStar 2 server is installed.
  • Etc.

In this case, please follow the guide below to reinstall.

* If you install it in a different way than the guide below, depending on the encryption function supported from BioStar 2.8.0, you will not be able to log in to the server due to an incorrect encryption key.


  • If you reinstall your server, unlike our indication, you may need to delete both the BioStar 2 server and the database if you reinstall your server.

Step 1. Back up the current BioStar 2 data. Please refer to the linked document for a backup guide.

Step 2. Install the same BioStar 2 version that was used before using the 'Custom Installation' method.

Step 3. Run BioStar Setting to stop all services.

Step 4. Replace setting.conf, system.conf, and enckey of the new installation environment with the file backed up in 'Step 1.'

Step 5. Install Native Client on the PC where BioStar 2 server is installed according to the BioStar 2 Installation Guide.

Step 6. Execute BioStar Setting and check the connectivity via Test Connection. The result should be confirmed as 'successful.'

Step 7. After restarting all services in BioStar Setting, log in to BioStar 2 to check.