This document is an additional setup guide for users who install BioStar 2 and MS SQL on different PCs, using Windows Authentication and using a domain user account in the Active Directory.

After installation according to the document linked below, please configure additional settings described in this article.

[BioStar 2] Supports Windows Authentication for MS SQL Database Server Connections

1. Who should check this document

  • Please refer to this article only if all three conditions below are satisfied.

1) BioStar 2 server and MS SQL DB are installed on different PCs.

2) Will use Windows Authentication of MS SQL.

3) The administrator is a domain user managed by Active Directory.

2. How to set up the environment

Step 1. Please refer to the linked document for basic settings and installation.

Step 2. On the BioStar 2 server PC, please configure the BioStar 2 related services to run under a specific Active Directory user account.

  • Run services.msi on the BioStar 2 server PC.
  • Refer to the picture below to set up a login account for each BioStar 2 App.
  • Need to do the same settings for: BioStar 2 Launcher(x64), BioStar 2 Web Server(x64), BioStar 2 TA Web Server(x64), BioStar 2 Video Web Server(x64).