To set the private authentication mode, FaceStation F2 has Extended Auth Mode per user information. 

You can set up a specific authentication mode per user. In addition, you can exclude the device authentication mode

[Fig 1. BioStar 2 User>Details>Credential>Auth Mode]

How to set up in BioStar 2 Device SDK

You can use BS2UserSettingEx( instead of BS2UserSetting for F2.
Basically, BioStar 2 does provide the feature "Include device default authentication mode" but the SDK doesn't have a specific feature but you can make it by manually set all modes in the BS2UserSettingEx to 255(system defined mode) then it would work as the device auth mode. 


Question: I want to try to enroll a user with only a card and use the Extended Auth Mode for this user. How can I achieve it in SDK? Could I have the detailed data in the BS2UserFaceExBlob? I want to exclude the device default authentication mode.


You should fill the settingExinuserBlobs correctly. Then, you would have the user private mode with CARD ONLY.


How to fill the user data of FaceStation F2

[C#] BS2UserFaceExBlob   --FaceEx


     |  +--userID[789                             ]

     |  |--flag[0]

     |  |--numCards[1]

     |  |--numFingers[0]

     |  +--numFaces[1]


     |  +--startTime[1629828240]

     |  |--endTime[1630001040]

     |  |--fingerAuthMode[254]

     |  |--cardAuthMode[255]

     |  |--idAuthMode[254]

     |  +--securityLevel[0]

     +--name[                                                                                                                                                                                                ]



     |  +--empty


     |  +--empty


     |  +--empty


     |  +--faceAuthMode[254]

     |  |--fingerprintAuthMode[254]

     |  |--cardAuthMode[21]

     |  +--idAuthMode[254]


     |  +--faceIndex_0[0]

     |  |--numOfTemplate_0[1]

     |  |--flag_0[1]

     |  |--imageLen_0[7760]

     |  +--irImageLen_0[0]