Product name: Suprema Integration with Genetec Security Center

Affect version: 1.01.35 or lower version

There is the issue[Unable to login] after you install Suprema Integration with Genetec Security Center at first.

Relevant situation:

You may have the below popup as soon as entering the admin ID/PW.


Information: On the first run or when restarting the Integration Server, getting information from Genetec Security Center can take up to 3 minutes. Logging in is not possible in the middle of this process.


* Please note that this popup is a common popup for other cases.


The relevant services are stopped while the GSC information is synchronized to Integration.

Temporary Solution:

Please stop GSC and Suprema Integration system and then, replace server.exe in C:\Program Files\Suprema integration with Genetec Security Center to the below patch file.


The next coming version would solve the issue.