• The support includes troubleshooting for API/SDK bugs.
  • It is required that any partner or customer who wants to get involved in a development MUST be fully capable of handling BioStar 2 (BioStar 2 certification/training) as both API and SDK follow the same paradigm of procedures and features as BioStar 2 software.
    1. Conceptual questions are solved by knowing how to handle BioStar 2 software.
    2. Questions about “How to do this or that” shall be solved by the developer, our documentation can be freely accessed by following this link.
    3. Suprema Tech personnel can help with existing guides (please search in our support website or knowledge base), example code (SDK example code freely available at our GitHub repository), but it is responsibility of the end-customer, developer or partner to work their own solution out.
    4. Following on a step-by-step guide for a specific end-customer solution is not part of the Tech Support.

IMPORTANT: If you’re interested in quoting the development of a Tailored Solution, BioStar 2 or Firmware customization, please open a ticket requesting so, and our Tech-Support personnel will guide you through the process.