To meet the market requirement to manage user and administrator privileges through a single directory, Suprema has improved the function to log in to BioStar 2 through an Active Directory account starting with BioStar 2.8.16.

If you are new to BioStar 2's Active Directory integration, please refer to the below document.

[BioStar 2] How To Configure Active Directory in BioStar2 

[BioStar 2] How To Confirm Active Directory Information

1. How to enable the 'Use for BioStar 2 Login'

  • Go to [Settings > Active Directory > Active Directory Server].

2. Precautions

  • Only Active Directory users synced to BioStar 2 can log in, and you must set operator Level for this user.
  • When syncing with Active Directory, Active Directory users with the same login ID as the Login ID used in BioStar 2 or whose ID is '1' will be excluded.
  • Except for User ID 1 (Administrator) user, the window for entering Login ID/Password is not displayed on the user detail page regardless of Operator Level.
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When you DO NOT USE "Use for BioStar 2 Login"When you USE "Use for BioStar 2 Login"
  • User ID '1 (Administrator)' can log in to use BioStar 2 if there is an issue such as a system failure in the Active Directory server.