In the existing BioStar 2, even if the 3rd party controller used the Smart Card in LSB format, the Suprema device could only transmit data in MSB format. From BioStar 2.8.16, Suprema supports the option to send the Smart Card in the LSB format from the Suprema device for the convenience of customers.

* This function is available only when you match the version of BioStar 2 and the firmware version of each device.

[Device > Device's detail page > Authentication > Card Type > Smart Card > Smart Card Output Byte Order]

1. Supported version

1) BioStar 2: v2.8.16 or above

2) Device models and firmware:

  • This feature will be included sequentially when the firmware for each device is released.
Device ModelFirmware VersionDevice ModelFirmware Version
XPass 2v1.3.1 or aboveBioLite N2
v1.5.0 or above
FaceStation F2v2.1.0 or above
X-Station 2
v1.2.0 or above
XPass D2v1.6.0 or aboveBioEntry W2v1.7.0 or above
BioStation 3v1.0.0 or aboveBioEntry P2v1.5.0 or above

2. Feature information

1) This function is supported only when the Suprema device is directly connected to BioStar 2 via Ethernet.

  • RS-485 Mode: Default, Master, Slave (but connected via Ethernet)
  • You CANNOT set when the Suprema device is connected as a slave device of the Suprema device.

2) Options are only applicable for Wiegand output and OSDP output.

  • Write Smart Card and Read Card are not affected.

3) Operation according to RS-485 Mode

  • Default, Master, Slave (but connected via Ethernet): Operates according to the device's 'Smart Card Output Byte Order' setting.
  • When connected to the Slave device of the Suprema device: The Slave transmits the Card ID to the Master device and operates according to the 'Smart Card Output Byte Order' setting in the Master device.

4) Operation according to Wiegand Output

  • When Output info is Card ID: Operates according to the setting.
  • When Output info is User ID: Not affected.

5) Actions according to the card type

  • MIFARE, DESFire: Operates according to the 'Smart Card Output Byte Order' setting.
  • iClass: Not affected. Output PAC data as it is.
  • BioStar 2 QR: Not affected.