A new API for Time Attendance has been added with BioStar 2.8.13.


For ‘How to use TA API swagger’, please refer to the link below:

 [BioStar 2 TA API] How to use and start BioStar 2 TA API  



How to Search for Schedule Templates

BioStar 2 TA Schedulme Templates can be searched by using TA API.




 You can find the /tna/Schedule Template API in your TA Swagger.



Part 1. Search for the Schedule Templates


[GET]: /tna/schedule_templates


*offset & limit headers are required.












   * M – Mandatory, O – Optional

[Example Value/Parameters Model]



[Response: successful]


  "message": "Processed Successfully",

  "message_key": "SUCCESSFUL",

  "language": "en",

  "status_code": "SUCCESSFUL",

  "total": 2,

  "records": [


      "id": 1,

      "name": "Schedule Template 1",

      "type": "WEEKLY",

         "description": "Schedule Template 1",

         "cycle_in_days": 7,

         "weekend_index": "0,6",

         "created_perm_id": 1,

         "shift_description": "Shift 1 + 6"



      "id": 2,

      "name": "Schedule Template 2",

      "type": "WEEKLY",

         "description": "Schedule Template 2",

         "cycle_in_days": 7,

         "weekend_index": "0,6",

         "created_perm_id": 1,

         "shift_description": "Shift 1 + 4"





Above response represents the results same as the screenshot below.




Part 2. Search for Schedule Templates via POSTMAN

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