Live Finger Detection (LFD) is a technology that detects fake fingerprints copied using rubber, silicone, clay, glue, film, etc. There are two mechanisms for Live Finger Detection. One mechanism is using hardware-based, and another mechanism is using software-based.

Previously, Suprema supported the LFD function only for some devices that support LFD in hardware.

  • Available Devices (LFD in hardware): BioStation A2, BioStation L2,  BioEntry W2

However, if more customers use the latest BioStar 2 and device firmware to enhance the security of fingerprint authentication, it also supports the function to support software LFD.

You can use the latest features of Suprema through a version upgrade.

* BioStar 2 must match the device model and firmware information.

1. Supported version

1) BioStar 2: v2.9.0 or above

2) Device models and firmware:

  • Only the models listed in the table below are supported.
  • This feature will be included sequentially when the firmware for each device is released.
Device ModelFirmware VersionDevice ModelFirmware Version
BioLite N2v1.5.0 or aboveX-Station 2 (ODPB, OAPB)v1.1.0 or above
FaceStation F2 (ODB)v1.0.0 or aboveBioEntry W2
v1.8.0 or above
BioEntry P2v1.5.1 or above

** Devices and firmware supporting LFD will be added according to the future release schedule.

2. Feature information

1) Level of Live Finger Detection

  • Not Use
  • Strict
  • More Strict
  • Most Strict

2) How to configure in the BioStar 2

BioStar 2.9.0 + BLN2 v1.5.0
Not Supported
BioStar 2.8.16 + BLN2 v1.4.2

3) How to configure on the device menu directly (sample on BLN2)