Upgrading BioStar 2 Server version does not require the manual uninstallation of the BioStar 2 Server. All file updates are automatically updated when the BioStar 2 Setup file runs on the current server. To upgrade the server, please examine the version of the current BioStar 2 version and backup the database and the configuration files. This video will cover how to upgrade the BioStar 2 Server with the MS-SQL database.

Before Upgrading

Check the version of the BioStar 2 by clicking About.

If you are using the MS-SQL, you can check the version of your BioStar 2 through the SQL Server Management Studio.

1. Expand Databases > BioStar2_AC > Tables.

2. Scroll down, and find "dbo.T_SYSCFG."

3. Right-click and click "Select Top 1000 Rows."

4. Scroll down and check the BioStar Version.


5. Check the Upgrade Path by going to this website. Scroll down and find the upgrade path table below.

ex. Since the BioStar 2 installed on the PC is v2.8.16, I only need to install the latest BioStar 2 on top.

Back Up Process

1. First, back up the database at MSSQL. Open SQL Server Management Studio.

2. Expand "Databases," right-click BioStar2_AC, and scroll over "Tasks..." and click "Back Up..." Repeat this step for all three databases.

3. Create a folder to store the backup files (It is important to backup these files just in case).

4. Below is the list of files that will be put inside the file.

  • lic
  • cert
  • util
  • setting.conf
  • system.conf
  • imagelog
  • db
  • records
  • upload

4. Go to C:\Program Files\BioStar 2(x64). If you are using (x86), go to BioStar 2(x86).

5. Copy the lic folder and paste it into the Backup folder.

6. Copy the cert folder and paste it into the Backup folder.

7. Go to the util folder. Copy the enckey file and paste it into the Backup folder.

8. Go back to BioStar(x64) and scroll fully down. Copy setting.conf and system.conf and paste it into the Backup folder.

9. Copy the imagelog file and paste it into the Backup folder.

10. Go to the ve folder. Copy the db and records files and paste it into the Backup folder.

11. Go to nginx\html. Copy the upload file and paste it into the Backup folder.

Now all additional files for BioStar 2 have been backed up.

Installation Process

1. Go to Suprema website, www.supremainc.com. Download the latest BioStar 2 Setup File.

2. Extract the Setup file and run as administrator.

3. Read the License Agreement and then, click Next.


4. This tab is checking which licenses are activated. Do not close this tab and wait for it to close automatically.

5. Input the database username and password at MS-SQL.

The upgrade of BioStar 2 has been completed.

Refresh Process

1. Open BioStar 2 and press the F12 key.

2. Right-click the refresh button and click Empty Cache and Hard Reload.

3. Login BioStar 2.

4. Check that the Version has been upgraded.