Dear Valued Partners, 

BioStar 2.9.1 is now available on our website. [Download]

Please review over and keep using the latest version of BioStar 2. 

New Features and Improvements 

1. Supports 3rd party OSDP reader connection. 

2. Supports device license to be activated to be used for specific features on devices. 

3. Improved Face Detection Setting 

    ‒ Detection Distance, Wide Search option support. 
[BioStar 2] Improved face detection setting 

4. Improved security vulnerabilities 

    ‒ Updated jQuery to the latest version in help menu 

    ‒ Improved security vulnerabilities for allowing permission for administrator

    ‒ Improved HTTP vulnerability 

    ‒ Improved Injection vulnerability 

    ‒ Improved Authentication vulnerability 

    ‒ Improved minor vulnerabilities 

5. Improved saved file name of CSV Export. 

6. Improvement in selecting image log storage path in BioStar 2, storage path selection will be limited to only preveiously created directory. 

7. Improved SMTP setting security vulnerabilities. 

8. Added case insensitivity guide for databases and tables in custom installation. 

9. Improved Time & Attendance security vulnerabilities 

    ‒ Improved HTTP Content-Security-Policy, X-XSS-Protection, X-Content-type-options vulnerability 

    ‒ Improved TA Path Traversal vulnerability 

10. Improved real-time event log performance. 

11. Improved performance speed for adding users and user groups. 

12. Improved performance speed for searching and loading unacknowledged alarms. 

13. Improved peformance speed of BioStar 2 being used in large data environement with numerous users. 

14. Improved encryption/decryption data processing performance. 

15. Improved BioStar 2 logout speed. 

16. Optimized memory settings for Maria DB when installing BioStar 2.

17. Improved pop-up message contents for checking image logs from disconnected device. 

18. Improved pop-up message contents for setting an elevator unlock schedule using 1st generation device. 

19. Improvemed photo deterioration due to noise when uploading photos for enrolling Visual Face.

20. Improved to check image data to be encoded when enrolling Visual Face using API. 

21. Improved the SMTP information of Trigger & Action and Email Setting to be synchronized with each other. 

22. Improved visitor search performance in an environment using MS SQL Server database. 

23. Added new login page.

24. Minor string fixes. 

25. Minor performance improvements. 

26. Minor stabilization of server. 

Bug Fixes 

1. When Delete User after checking the checkbox of all users in the specific user group, the mobile cards of users included in other user groups are also deleted. (Affects version: v2.7.12) 

2. Certain library not installing on Windows Server 2012. (Affects version: vv2.9.0) 

3. If more than 1000 users are deleted using the API, the users do not get deleted properly. (Affects version: v2.8.0) 

4. When using API to add a user and setting time in start_datetime and expiry_datetime, the exact time is not applied. (Affects version: v2.0.0) 

5. Device’s sound file cannot be deleted even with the proper permission. (Affects version: v2.8.14) 

6. Icons for certain devices do not display properly. (Affects version: v2.3.0) 

7. Device disconnects intermittently. (Affects version: v2.0.0) 

8. If user group information is changed when there are many users, the change is not applied. (Affects version: v2.7.14) 

9. When deleting an access group with a user group set among access groups using the same access level, the user included in the user group is also deleted from other access groups that are added alone. (Affects version: v2.8.14) 

10. Some Device Disconnection Detected events not getting uploaded after server restart. (Affects version: v2.8.11) 

11. FaceStation F2 device logs not getting uploaded to server intermittently. (Affects version: v2.8.6) 

12. Intermittently going to the login page when connecting a device. (Affects version: v2.9.0) 

13. In an environment using MS SQL Server database, even if the email address of user information is changed to an email address that is already in use, duplicates are not checked. (Affects version: v2.8.16) 

14. Spanish footer not displayed when sending Visual Face Mobile Enrollment Link email. (Affects version: v2.8.16) 

15. When issuing a CSN mobile card using CSV Import, if a slash (/) is used in the expiration date, the expiration date is not displayed correctly. (Affects version: v2.8.9) 

16. Firmware upgrade notification for some older versions of devices does not appear when logging in to BioStar 2. (Affects version: v2.8.6) 

17. When Automatic User Synchronization is set to Specific Devices(Only devices belonging to the access group), user information updated by CSV Import is not synchronized to the device. (Affects version: v2.7.11) 

18. When issuing a card using API, it is issued even if the maximum number of issues is exceeded. (Affects version: v2.0.0)

19. When Use for BioStar 2 Login is disabled in Active Directory, synchronizing active directory causes current loggedin IDs to be synchronized. (Affects version: v2.8.16) 

20. The server freezes when exporting data for users enrolled with many visual faces. (Affects version: v2.8.10) 

21. CSV Import fails even if the maximum number of input characters is not exceeded in the user information of the CSV file. (Affects version: v2.8.16) 

22. In an environment using MS SQL Server database, if a Leave is registered using a specific language, the language texts are not displayed correctly when searching for T&A Report. (Affects version: v2.2.1) 

23. Synchronization does not work correctly when moving repeat between many user groups in the User menu. (Affects version: v2.8.9) 

24. If many Time Codes are created, unable to access the TIME ATTENDANCE menu. (Affects version: v2.2.1) 

25. In an environment using MS SQL Server database, unable to access the TIME ATTENDANCE menu when applying a certificate with long contents. (Affects version: v2.2.1) 

26. Users registered in the schedule were initialized while adding new users to the Schedule. (Affects version: v2.4.0)

27. Session ends when entering the MONITORING menu in specific languages. (Affects version: v2.9.1.25)

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