Supported Device & Firmware: BioStation 3 v1.1.0 or above

    From BioStation 3 v1.1.0 firmware, Suprema supports Thai font for users. To apply Thai font, please follow the guide below.

    The following guide is for BioStation 3 v1.1.0. If you need the latest string.rc files for the latest versions, please refer to the linked article; [BioStar 2] Changing the Device Language (Translation)

    If you are very new to upgrading the device's resource file, please refer to the Video tutorial.

1. Download the Resource Tool and string.rc file.

2. Open the string.rc file in the Resource Tool and set it as follows.

3. Scroll down to the bottom and remove '//' in front of the number 60000 and change the font name to Thai font name, NotoSansThai-Regular.

4. Click 'Build' then you will get 'BS3_RES_CUSTOM.bin'. Place the 'BS3_RES_CUSTOM.bin' under <C:\Program Files\BioStar 2(x64)\resource>.

5. Login BioStar 2 and upgrade the resource file to the device.

  • [BioStar 2 > DEVICE > BioStation 3 > Advanced > Display & Settings > Lanuguage]

6. Go to the device's detail page, set the device to support 'Custom' language, and click 'Apply' on the bottom right.

7. After that, you will get the correct user name .