Affected SDK Version: BioStar 2 Device SDK V2.8.2.9

Supported Devices: BioStation 3 V1.0.0 or X-Station 2 V1.2.0


If you want to use third party QR/Barcode, not generated by BioStar 2 System, the maximum length of QR code is 32 characters. If the information in the QR code is more than 32 characters, it won't be supported. 

Using BioStar 2 Device SDK, you can use a QR code with more than 32 characters.

QR Bypass Mode of a device provides reading and sending all QR data to the server, not a function for registering a QR.

For third-party Integration, X-Station 2 and BioStation 3  support sending QR code without authentication on the device memory.

How to pass the QR data without user authentication?

The QR bypass function has been added to read the entire barcode data. from devices with barcode scans enabled.
Please refer to structure BS2BarcodeConfig first.

Step 1: Add API BS2_SetBarcodeScanListener

Step 2: Add callback function OnBarcodeScanned

  • This callback function is called when barcode is scanned on the device.
    (BioStar 2 Device SDK Manual: OnBarcodeScanned)

Example of using QR bypass

In this example, show the process of using QR bypass using Suprema's example code.
Please refer to the GitHub link below, and this example is written based on C# language.
(Link: BioStar2_device_SDK GitHub)

This test uses a QR code of more than 32 characters, as shown below.
(Data: suprema123456789suprema123456789 suprema123456789 suprema123456789 suprema123456789)

Open the BioStar 2 Device SDK demo code and run the "ConfigControl" project. Once you connect to the device, you can check various configurations. 

Select "Set BarcodeConfig" and Set up to use QR bypass.

After the QR bypass setting is completed, read the QR code. The demo code is developed to output the QR code data.

Please note that SDK only receives the bypassed QR data, and it does not support BS2_VerifyUser.