Affected Version: BioStar 2.9.5 or above  

This improvement in the Trigger & Action menu of BioStar 2 software is to support emergency cases where a client might have to temporarily shut down the access area or unlock all the doors instantly due to security-related situations. 

•Key Improvement : One Triggering event can now impact more than one action 

※ Improved Trigger & Action Menu

  • In the previous BioStar 2 version, the actions you could only set using the Trigger & Action menu were limited to  Device and BioStar 2, but now [Door] has been added to the action side. 
  •  As stated, the main improvement point in this Trigger & Action menu is that with one trigger event, there could be more than one action set up with [+Add to Action List] ▶ Action List

  • BioStar 2 Version 2.9.5 offers a new event labeled [ Input detected on]. This triggering event can be found under Device Event. 
[Input dected on] feature is most suitable when in usage with Suprema's multiple input extensiom module IM-120 which can control up to 12 supervised inputs. 
Note: [Input dected on] triggering event can be used with IM-120 without any previous set ups, while with other devices the input must be set in prior to be used as trigger event factor

  •  An email can be sent to certain recipients, for each triggering event.
    As shown in the image below, the case is when the fire alarm zone alarm detected trigger event occurs → then as shown below, an email will be sent to two recipients. 

※ Multiple Actions can be set using One Trigger Event 
Now with one triggering event there might be a point where more than one action must occur. As an example when the fire alarm gets triggered → then simultaneously previously selected doors will get unlocked and email will be sent to set recipiants 

※Critical Point
With the improved Trigger & Action Menu, due to additional of [Use as Quick Action], user can set certains actions to occur WITHOUT setting trigger event.
For example, let's say your are facing an event with a theif then you can select all the doors and previously set all doors to be Manual Lock then without having a trigger event an action can still occur
To Learn More about [Use as Quick Action] please follow the link and read further more about it
▶ [BioStar 2] Added Quick Action Feature