Affected Version:BioStar v2.9.5 or above


From v.2.9.5 of BioStar 2, the function "Timed Anti Passback (Timed APB)" has been introduced newly.

Thanks to this new function, the user can set the reset time for anti-passback about the specific door to limit frequent access attempts to that door.

With this feature, once the user authenticates on the entry device, the user cannot re-authenticate on the same entry device or the exit device connected with the entry device until the defined "Reset time" has been gone.

Note that

To use this new feature, there is no need to use the paid-for versions of the BioStar 2 license since this option can be set directly in the configured door in DOOR, not the Anti-passback Zone of ZONE in BioStar 2.

Expectation effectiveness

This function can be expected to prevent unauthorized people from using the authorized person's authentication method to go through the door without permission.

To understand it deeply, please refer to the below example case.

Example Case) A case for using the new function "Timed Anti Passback."

Let's say there is two people, person A and Person B, Person A has brought one's card for authentication but Person B has forgotten the card, so Person A enters the door using Person A's card and throughs (passes) the card to person B, when this new feature "Times Anti Passback" was not applied, Person B still could access the door. However, now, due to the specific time set feature "Reset Time," the unauthorized person can no longer enter the door using the same Person A's card until the card used passes the defined "Reset Time". 

Major Features

1. This new function can be applied to either the Entry device only or "the Entry device + the Exit device" based on your needs

2. The "Timed Anti Passback" event code is supported in BioStar 2's "Monitoring" Menu

 3. Unlike the Anti-passback inside of the "Zone" menu in BioStar 2,"Timed Anti Passback" DOES NOT support the "Bypass" function. 

Example) Bypass function of Anti-passback in ZONE

4. The input unit is in minutes (min.), with a default setting of 10 minutes. Users can input a time between 0 and 60 minutes. 


1. You cannot use this new function at the same time as the existing "Anti-passback" function. So, you must be careful about the 2 exceptional cases below when using the "Timed Antipass Back" function.

  • Case 1. A case where you already use "anti-passback" in ZONE

If you try to set the "Timed Anti Passback" after configuring the Anti-passback zone, you will see the error popup below.

On the contrary, when you try configuring the Anti-passback zone after already setting the "Timed Anti Passback," you will also see the error popup below.

  • Case 2. In case you want to set "anti-passback" in DOOR

 If Soft APB or Hard APB in Anti PassBack, the option "Timed APB" will be automatically deactivated.

Timed Anti Passback CAN NOT BE USED WITH Anti PassBack Soft APB or Hard APB.  

2. The alarm function does not support "Timed Anti Passback" yet but only supports "Anti PassBack" in the configured door.

3. If the door is set up with a wireless door lock, "Timed Anti Passback" CANNOT be used. 

4. "Timed Anti PassBack" and "Use sensor when Entry Confirmed APB" enabled features cannot be used simultaneously. 

Execution Procedure

Step 1. Click DOOR in BioStar 2

Step 2. Click ADD DOOR

Step 3. Set the configuration you want to use. 

  • Note that 

you can select the "Entry device only" or the "Entry device + Exit device" depending on your environment.

Step 4. Enable "Timed APB" and set the applicable "Reset Time" in Timed Anti PassBack.  After completing it, click Apply.