You can issue a new offline license for BioStar2 by following the instructions below.

This is a method to apply for a new license and cannot reuse a registered license number.

When reusing a registered license, please apply for license deactivation with a support ticket.

(After de-licensing, an offline license can be issued using this method.)

What you need to prepare when registering an offline license

  * License number to be registered

  * MAC address of the PC on which the license is to be registered

  * PC with Internet access (not necessarily the PC on which BioStar2 is installed)

However, it is necessary to copy the license file created on the PC with Internet access to the PC on which BioStar2 is installed.

Step: 1

Check the MAC address of the PC on which BioStar2 is installed.

On the PC on which BioStar2 is installed, start a command prompt,

  Run ipconfig /all.

In this section, please record the physical address of the network adapter to be used so that it is correct.

Here we use 7C-C2-C6-11-6A-05 as an example.

Step: 2

From a PC with Internet access, access the following site for license issuance. 


If your web browser is set to automatically translate the contents for foreign languages, please turn off that function.

When a license is issued, its contents will be automatically translated and cannot be used properly.

Step: 3

Enter information to generate a license.

Activation Key :  Enter the 19-digit license number, including the - (hyphen).

Host ID :  Enter the physical address of the BioStar2 server PC in 12 digits, omitting the - (hyphen).

                     (The alphabetical part can be lower-case.) 

License Count :  Leave "1" as it is.

Extra License Parameters :  Leave blank.

String to Log :  Leave blank.

Hostname for license :  Enter a unique value such as company name using single-byte alphanumeric characters.

An example input is shown in the figure below.

When you are finished, click the MAKE LICENSE button.

Step: 4

When the license is correctly created, you will see the following screen.

Launch Notepad (text editor) and copy/paste the green dotted line above into your text editor.

Please make sure that your web browser's auto-translation function does not mix up Japanese descriptions.

After pasting as above, name and save the file.

At this time, be sure to set the file type to "All Files".

Then, save the file with an appropriate file name and .lic extension.

In this example, we save the file as biostar2_ac.lic.

Please make sure that the file name is "XXXXXXX.lic" and the file type is "All Files" and save the file.

If you forget to select "All files" and save the file as the default text document, the file will be named biostar2_ac.lic.txt and will not be valid as a license file.

In this case, you can rename the file afterwards.

Step: 5

Once the license file is complete, copy the completed license (.lic) file to a PC that has access to BioSta2.

Then login to BioStar2 and go to the Settings screen to register your BioStar2 license.

Click the "Offline Activate" button to specify the license file, select the .lic file and complete the license registration.

This completes the offline license registration.