There are some frequently asked questions about Wiegand configuration using the CoreStation (CS-40).

Here is a guide for Wiegand configuration with Device SDK Demo code using the CS-40. 

If you are using BioStar 2, please refer to this article: [BioStar 2] Wiegand Reader Sample Configuration

This guide only covers the use of Suprema devices. If you are looking for information regarding 3rd Party ACU, please refer to this article: [BioStar 2] How to configure Suprema device and send Wiegand output from Suprema device to 3rd party ACU

1.  Devices Used and Preparations

- Programming Language: C# example code. (https://github.com/supremainc/BioStar2_device_SDK/tree/master/Example_Csharp/cli/csharp)

- Device: CoreStation, BioEntry W2

- Register users required for authentication.
** In this test, a Mifare CSN card was used with the Default Wiegand format (26-bit SIA Standard-H10301).

- The physical wiring connections are as follows.

 2. How to configure Wiegand device using device SDK 

1. First, settings are required for the Wiegand reader (BioEntry W2).

1-1. Set Auth mode to Card Only. (ConfigControl.cs)

(Just for testing purposes. You can use different authentication modes. If you use Wiegand bypass, you do not need to consider the Auth mode.)

1-2. Set the pre-defined Wiegand format to Wiegand reader. (WiegandControl.cs)

(If you want to use a different Wiegand format, you will need the definition for that format. In this test, we are using the format defined in the example code provided beforehand.)

1-3. Set up the Wiegand card mask on the Wiegand reader to read the CSN card according to the Wiegand format. 

Set the Wiegand mode on the Wiegand Reader to OUT. (In this test, Wiegand bypass mode is used.)


2. Settings are required for the CoreStation (CS-40).

2-1. Set the pre-defined Wiegand format to CS-40. (WiegandControl.cs) 

2-2. Set up the Wiegand card mask on the CS-40.

Set the Wiegand mode on the Wiegand Reader to IN(** The CS-40 is always used as a Wiegand IN device.) 

2-3.  Search the Wiegand device on the CS-40 and configure where the Wiegand Reader is connected.

2-4. Add the Wiegand device. Type the Wiegand ID for the connection.

3. After completing the configuration, check the log on the CS-40.  (LogControl.cs)