There are some frequently asked questions about Access Group, Access Level, and door configuration by using Device SDK.

Here is a guide for managing Access Group with Device SDK Demo code.

If settings related to Access Group are misconfigured, you may receive the following message from the SDK.

Prior Knowledge of SDK

You need to understand Access Group before starting this guide.

Access Group is a higher concept than Access Level and Door. Access Group includes Access Levels, and each Access Level includes Doors and Schedules.

Please refer to the document below to check what information goes into each structure.

(BioStar 2 Device SDK Document: BS2AccessGroup / BS2AccessLevel / BS2DoorSchedule)

Devices Used and Preparations

Programming Language: C# example code. 


- Device: BioStation 3 (Firmware version: 1.3.0) 

- Register users required for authentication. (In this test, a Mifare CSN card was used.)

- Set the following configuration for the test purpose:

Door ID:1 / Access Level ID: 111 / Access Group: 1111 / User: 2

The entire process of managing Access Group

You can verify all settings through the SDK C# demo code. 
If you're unfamiliar with using the SDK API, refer to the example code for each step.

Step 1. Create door

Check the BS2Door structure and set the necessary information for configuration.

Set the door using the BS2_SetDoor API on the device.

(C# Demo Code: DoorControl.cs)

Step 2. Create Access Level

Check the BS2AccessLevel structure and set the necessary information for configuration.

Set an access level using the BS2_SetAccessLevel API on the device.

(C# Demo Code: AccessControl.cs)

Schedule ID 0 is recognized as Not used, and Schedule ID 1 is recognized as Always for every device. If you want to create a new schedule, please avoid using 0 and 1 as the schedule ID.

Step 3. Create Access Group

Check the BS2AccessGroup structure and set the necessary information for configuration.

Set an access group on the device using the BS2_SetAccessGroup API.

(C# Demo Code: AccessControl.cs)

Step 4. How to update Access Group for the user

Please refer to the article below for how to update Access Groups for users.

Article Link: [BioStar 2 Device SDK] How to Update the Access Group for a User


Once you have completed the configuration successfully, you can check real-time logs as follows:
(In this test, the Relay was configured, so logs related to the Relay were displayed.)