Connection Methods

There are 2 methods you can use to connect BioStar 1 devices to the server if the devices are in a different network from the server. 

1. Server with public IP:
This is also referred to as the WAN network method. If you have a server with a public IP, the devices can connect to the server with server mode

2. VPN: 

If you use virtual private network you can configure the network to seem like the devices are in the same network as the server. You should also use server mode for the devices. 

If you are not sure what server mode is, refer to the knowledgebase link.


To resolve your issue please check the following: 

1. Check that port forwarding is done correctly and the firewall is not blocking server and device ports:

Refer to the following link regarding ports: What network port BioStar server & device use

2. Upgrade the firmware to the most recent version as provided at our homepage download center

If your devices have an older firmware, it will not work best on slow networks (including WAN) or VPN where the ping result is sometimes higher than 5ms. In that case, the device will be disconnected from the server. 

3. Check the MTU (maximum transmission unit) of the router and suprema device. Suprema device MTU should be lower than the router's MTU.
i.e if the Router's MTU is 1500, try setting the device MTU to 1400 or 1350 to be safe. 

You can learn more about MTU in our knowledgebase link: MTU and Suprema devices

Please configure the device MTU in the menu shown in the screenshot below

   * This feature is available for BioEntry Plus, BioEntry W, Xpass, BioLiteNet in BioStar 1.8 and above
   * Note that the MTU issue does not affect devices with Operating Systems (FaceStation, BioStation, XStation) because the OS manages packets 


4. Check that you are using server mode.

If you are not sure what server mode is, refer to the knowledgebase link.