BioStar 2 does not support daylight saving time in versions below 2.6. 

* even if you are above BioStar 2.6, entry devices do not support Daylight Savings Time.

If you're using a version below BioStar 2.6 and would prefer not to upgrade your server, use the option below as a temporary solution. 

1. Sync the devices 


This should sync the device time with the changed server's time. 

If that doesn't resolve the issue, 

2. Stop and restart BioStar 2 service. 


This should apply the server PC's time to the BioStar server time. 

Sync the devices again in BioStar 2 to confirm that the server's time is applied. 

If that doesn't resolve the issue try the following, 

3. Change the timezone on preference and device.

Go to Setting > Preference and change the timezone to -1 or +1 based on start or end of daylight saving time. 


Apply the same for the device