Welcome to our FAQ page!

Previously, we uploaded our FAQ documents to our knowledgebase page. However, in order to provide ease of access to our partners we have decided (around April 2017) to upload them to our technical support portal since we also upload our known issues and notices at this portal. 

Please note that submitting tickets are allowed for authorized partners only. If you are not our local distributor, feel free to search our FAQ and if you have any additional inquiries please send them to your local distributor. 

Useful Links

You can always download the most recent version of BioStar from the link below.

BioStar 1

BioStar 2 

Learn how to configure BioStar 2 with step by step guides at our Knowledgebase. 

A&E Specification 
Detailed device specification information provided at our knowledgebase.

Firmware / Manual / Brochure Download

You can find the latest files on the products page of each device. 

Suprema Website
Learn more about our products, solutions, and recent news at our official website.

API and SDK manual
Our BioStar 2 API and SDK manual is openly available at our knowledgebase.
If you need the SDK, you have to purchase it through our sales representative

Announcements & Known Issues

We update announcements at our Helpdesk page periodically. 

Refer to the following link to receive updates via email