1.You are using Suprema devices as Wiegand readers for a 3rd party controller and the controller is not receiving any signal from the Suprema device.
2.A signal is being sent to the controller only when authentication succeeds, but you need the device to send the card number regardless of match success. 


In BioStar 2 you can only output the card ID. You cannot output the User ID like BioStar 1.
Hence each user needs to have a card assigned. If you don't have a physical card, you can assign one manually.


1.The Pulse Width and interval has to match the controller.
2.Bypass mode is disabled. 


1.Check the pulse interval and width of the 3rd party controller. 

* Please contact the technical support team of the 3rd party controller if you do not know the pulse interval and width.

2.Set up the pulse width and pulse interval accordingly.

3.Since the suprema device is sending the signal out to the controller, the Wiegand signal should be set to *Out*.

Note: If the device should act as a dummy reader (card number should be sent regardless of authentication success or fail), bypass mode should be enabled.


Wiegand format does not have to be configured with Bypass Mode. The entire card Wiegand value will be output and a format cannot be applied. 

However if you're using a CSN card (EM, Mifare, Desfire) and sending out CSN Wiegand, you have to configure a Wiegand format. 


4. Check that you have selected the correct Wiegand format and click apply.

Note: If you need to set a custom Wiegand format refer to the following link for more details: How to configure Wiegand Output

Additional Hints 

Based on client tests we've seen the following pulse width / interval value work for the following 3rd party software / controllers 

Ccure - Software House 

Pulse width: 40

Pulse Interval : 800