This document will guide you to understand a way to set BioStar 2 and device time properly.

If the images are missing below, please try the following link at our knowledgebase: How to set BioStar 2 and device time

Server Time Setting

1. Go to Setting > Preference.

2. With BioStar 2, the server UTC time zone is selectable. By changing the time setting, you can see the event time logs based on the selected time zone.
For example, the event logs are shown as below date and time with (UTC+9:00) Seoul, Tokyo, Osaka, Sapporo, Yakutsk time zone setting. 

The same event logs are shown as below after changing to one hour early (UTC+8:00) Beijing, Perth, Singapore, Hong Kong time zone.

So, it’s necessary to set the time zone according to your location. The reason of this selectable option is to allow users from different time zones to be able to monitor event logs based on their time zones regardless of the server time.

Device Time Setting

1. Go to DeviceInformation.

2. The default is to use Time Synchronization with Server. With this option, the device time keeps checking the server time and making a sync based on the server time.

By disabling the sync option, the device date and time can be manually configurable. However, in order to maintain the consistency of event date and time, it’s not recommended.

From the device, device time zone can be set to use a different time zone. Once it’s changed to use a different time zone, the device time display is changed to show that time zone. For the devices without display, the internal time clock is changed.

[Device Time] 

[Server Time] 

From the monitoring, you can check the device event logs based on the server time zone, even though the device display shows a different time.

[Real-time Log] 

This is mainly because the device time zone setting is to support the case of managing devices in different locations from one single server.

Access Group Time Zone Setting

If you have branches in different time zones, the access control time will need to be different based on their time zones. 


For example, at HQ, it has an access group rule that employees can enter the office from 7 AM to 4 PM during week days. With the device time zone setting, the same rule can be easily applied to the devices in different time zones. 

The server time zone is set to be as below.

[Server Time] 

  • Current Time is 15:56

  • Two device and doors are created.

Here, for example, the below time zone is created and used for the access group setting. 


With the same device time zone, both devices are showing access granted events.

Change to BioStation 2 device time zone to be one hour late.

From BioStation 2 device, the access denied event is shown for the same auth try.

Conclusion : Device time zone is necessary to be used to control devices in different time zone.