If you are using BioStar version 1.52 and above, you can use the following procedure to upgrade your BioStar version and reap the benefits, such as bug fixes and new features.

Refer to the attached revision notes to see what bug fixes and new features have been introduced in the newer versions. 


If you have a BioStar version lower than 1.52 installed, you cannot upgrade to versions above 1.52 by simply deleting and installing the most recent BioStar unless you upgrade to 1.93. You will have to follow the procedure shown in the How to Resolve a Database Compatibility Issue to upgrade without any issues. 

** If you upgrade to BioStar 1.93, you can follow the upgrade procedure below regardless of what current version you are on. 


Software License

If you are using a software license (not a dongle) for BioStar Standard version, back up the BioStar.lic file in C:\Program Files (x86)\BioStar\server and paste it to the same location in your upgraded server. 

Upgrade Procedure

Caution: If you are upgrading to the latest version of BioStar 1 to use 2nd generation devices, read the following article before proceeding - [BioStar 1] Limitations with 2nd Generation Devices in BioStar 1.93

Deleting BioStar will not delete your database but please back up your database to revert your database if the database upgrade fails.

1.To back up your database, see How to make a backup of MSSQL database.

2. Uninstall BioStar from the control panel.

3. Download the most recent version of the BioStar installation file: 
Download link


If you are only using 1.x devices, we recommend that you install BioStar 1.9.

4. Install BioStar with the setup.exe file.
5. After the installation finishes, open BioStar Server Config with administrator privileges and check that your database Server and authentication are set properly, and click apply.

6. Open the BioStar server folder at C:\Program Files (x86)\BioStar\server.

7. Run DBSetup with administrator privileges.
8. Run BioStar and check that all functions operate properly.

Note Last official 2nd generation firmware tested with BioStar 1.93:

BEW2: 1.1.5 - 20171026
BS2 : 1.5.0 - 20170927
BSA2 : 1.4.0 - 20170927
BSL2 : 1.2.4 - 20170830