Upgrading BioStar 2 Server version does not require to manual uninstall the exsiting BioStar 2 server in Control Panel.

All file update are automatically updated with running BioStar 2 Setup file on the exsiting server.
You can find the recent BioStar 2 Setup file from the following link.

You need to consider the version of the existing BioStar 2 version and consider the backup DB and the configuration files just in case.

BioStar 2 supports a direct upgrade from the 2.5v to the latest version. 

If your BioStar 2 version is 2.5v or higher, you can download the latest version and conduct an upgrade. 

However, you cannot upgrade from a very old version such as 2.0 to 2.4 in one upgrade because that process is unsupported.
Please refer to this article to upgrade sequentially.


- When you delete BioStar 2, it will delete the MariaDB database as well. 

If you're upgrading from BioStar 2.5 to BioStar 2.6, please refer to the following article to take note of the license policy changes.  


Database Changes

BioStar 2's database has gone through a few changes since its release. 

The AC database started with the SQLite Database, and in version 2.2.1, the MariaDB T&A database was released. 

Starting version 2.3, both databases became Maria DB by default (express installation). Hence the backup method has changed as well. 

Refer to the image below to see the changes in the Database in BioStar 2 versions. 

If you are using any DB Link program with the SQLite database in BioStar 2.2.1 or below, you will have to make changes in the software to make it compatible with Maria DB.

Refer to the [BioStar 2] BioStar 2 Database Table

Back-Up the Database

Always back up your database before deleting or upgrading BioStar 2.
You can find instructions at the following link:

Maria DB: How to Back Up and Restore the Database 

MS SQL: MS SQL Database Backup and Restore Instructions

Upgrade Process

If you're upgrading from BioStar 2.5 to BioStar 2.6, please refer to the following article to note the license policy changes 

You will have to follow the upgrade path below to upgrade to the most recent version successfully.
Do not uninstall the current version and install the next version.
You can install the next version on top of the current version, and it will migrate the database.

Current VersionUpgrade Path
22.2.1 > 2.3 > 2.4 > 2.4.1 > 2.5.0 > 2.6.4 > Latest Version
2.3 > 2.4 > 2.4.1 > 2.5.0 > 2.6.4 > Latest Version
2.32.4 > 2.4.1 > 2.5.0 > 2.6.4 > Latest Version > 2.5.0 > 2.6.4 > Latest Version
2.6.4 > Latest Version
2.6.4 or higherLatest Version

Current version BioStar 2.2.1 > Install 2.3 on top of 2.2.1 > Install 2.4 on top of 2.3 > Install 2.4.1 on top of 2.4


- Before BioStar 2.5 version, please do upgrade step by step. (eg, step by upgrade: 2.4(current)> 2.4.1 > 2.5.0 > 2.6.4[Must go through 2.6.4 version] > 2.8.0)

- After BioStar 2.6.4 version, you can directly upgrade BioStar 2 from 2.6.4 to 2.7.14. (eg, upgrade path: 2.6.4(current) > 2.7.5 (the latest version))

- If you want to upgrade BioStar 2.8 version, you must start upgrading from 2.6.4. Otherwise, the upgrading will be unavailable.



- You cannot switch from a Maria DB Database to an MS SQL Database and vice versa with an upgrade. You can only upgrade MS SQL to MS SQL and Maria DB to Maria DB version of BioStar 2. 

- If you used the BioStar 2 cloud feature before, you will have to turn on the feature again after the upgrade (starting in BioStar 2.4 and above). 

- Make sure to back up the language properties file if you're using a custom language. It will be deleted on the upgrade and will have to be pasted again. 

Download Links

Note: Use the temporary link if the main link fails

BioStar 2.2.1 (Please get in touch with Suprema.)
BioStar 2.3.0 (Please get in touch with Suprema.)

BioStar 2.4.0 (Please get in touch with Suprema.)

Warning: Do not upgrade your Xpass firmware to 2.4.0 (2.4.1 and above are fine). Your device will malfunction. Refer to the following announcement. 

BioStar 2.4.1  (temporary link)

BioStar 2.5.0  (temporary link)

BioStar 2.6.4 (temporary link)

You can always find the most recent BioStar 2 at the following link: BioStar 2 Download Page. 

32-bit to 64-bit upgrade

If you are attempting to upgrade from a 32-bit BioStar 2 to 64-bit BioStar 2, you will see the error below: 

 [popup in BioStar 2.4]

[popup in BioStar 2.4.1]

DO NOT uninstall BioStar 2 before backing up BioStar 2's database. If you did the express install previously, deleting BioStar 2 will also delete the database. 

Hence follow the process below: 

For instance for BioStar 2.3 (32bit) > BioStar 2.4 (64bit)

1. Back up BioStar 2 database. 

2. Delete BioStar 2.3 (32bit). 

3. Install BioStar 2.3 (64bit). 

4. Restore the BioStar 2 database. 

5. Install BioStar 2.4 (64bit). 

Resolving UI Issue After Upgrade

Your Chrome browser may keep the cache of your old version of BioStar.
In such cases, you will see many menus that are missing or some menus that appear to have special symbols out of place.

In such cases, follow the method below to clean the Chrome browser’s cache.

1. Open your Chrome browser.
2. Press F12.
3. Right-click on the circling arrow.


4. Click Empty Cache and Hard Reload.