When configuring a Wiegand read setup, one device will be the Wiegand input device (receiving the signal) and the other device will be the Wiegand output device (sending the signal).

You might not normally use a Suprema reader as a RF Reader for a Suprema device, but this configuration setting will show you how the Wiegand input or output should be configured. 

Below is a sample configuration with two W2s, having one of the W2 as the Wiegand reader.  

1. First check that the Wiegand wiring is correctly connected with both devices. 

* WG D0, WG D1, WG GND must be connected for the signal to be sent. 


2. Add the two devices in BioStar 2.

3. Sync the device you will use as input (the one receiving the Wiegand signal).  


4. Click on the input device. 

5. Set Auth mode to Card Only. 

(just for testing purposes. You can use different authentication modes.) 


6. On Advanced set Wiegand to Input and select your card format on the Input Format


7. Click Apply.

8. On the DEVICE menu, click on the output device.  

9. Scroll down to Advanced and set the Wiegand to Output.   


10. Set Output Mode to Bypass.

* This means the device will not do the matching and just send the read card numbers. 

11. Click Apply

12. Delete the output device from the device list. 

13. Right click on the input device and click Add Wiegand Device.


14. One Wiegand reader will appear. 


15. Click Add.

16. Scan your Wiegand card on the output device. 

17. On the Monitoring > Real-time Log you will be able to see cards read from the Wiegnad Reader, which is the W2 Wiegand output device. 


* This user's card has been assigned beforehand