Affected Products & Versions

BioStar 1.91, BioStar 1.92

Supported 2nd generation devices (BioStation2, BioStation A2, BioStation L2, BioEntry W2)

  • Operation of BEW2-OxPB models in BioStar 1 is NOT guaranteed.


BioStar 1.92 which supports several 2nd generation devices can't properly get the Wiegand format after setting the Wiegand format of the 2nd generation device.

Issue Reproduction: 

1. Connect 2nd generation devices such as BioStation2 and BioStation A2 which are supported in BioStar 1.9. 

2. Apply Wiegand format for the device.

2-1) If you set ID bit only without any parity bit, the device will read the card in accordance with the Wiegand format.

2-2) If you set a special Wiegand format with a parity bit like Corporate1000 35bit card, the device won't read the card in accordance with the Wiegand format.

3. Get Wiegand format for the device. (Refresh the page of device setting.)


Use known solution.


Use the beta version of BioStar Client if you use the Wiegand format. The patch is for BioStar 1.92 only.  
  1. Download the attachment and unzip the file.

  2. Stop BioStar Server in BioStar Server Config. 

  3. Back up the content of C:\Program Files (x86)\BioStar

  4. Apply the patch files in C:\Program Files (x86)\BioStar and overwrite

  5. Start the server service with BioStar Server Config.

Or upgrade to BioStar 1.93. BioStar 1.93 includes the Wiegand fix.