XPass S2 template storage limit

Affected Products & Versions: BioStar 2, Xpass S2 v2


Due to the concept of the Xpass S2 v2 being able to be a master device having fingerprint devices as slave, the Xpass S2 has been storing fingerprints enrolled to a user. However, the Xpass S2 can only store up to 1,000 fingerprints. This can be an issue when the Xpass S2 is used with other fingerprint devices. Once the total fingerprint count reaches over 1,000, the recently created users will not be able to get stored inside the Xpass S2 which will cause a sync error in the BioStar 2

Issue Reproduction: 

1. Add an Xpass S2 with another v2 fingerprint device.

2. Enroll more than 1,000 fingers in the BioStar 2 and synchronize the device


1. Not use the Xpass S2 with other fingerprint devices.

2. Use the Xpass S2 as a slave device


Make a request for a beta FW where the XPass S2 does not store the fingerprint information.