Biomini Agent / USB Agent Port Cannot be Changed

Affected Products & Versions: BioStar versions below 2.6


Biomini uses ports 8081 and 8082. If those ports are used, Biomini will not appear in the DEVICE menu even if the driver is installed. There is a UI in the Biomini Agent / USB Agent (BioStar 2.4) to change the ports but they are not actually applied. 

Issue Reproduction: 

- Port 8081 and 8082 is being used by another service 

1. Enter to the DEVICE menu. 

2. Biomini is not visible. 


Change the port with a manual operation as below or change the port of the program using ports 8081 and 8082. 

0. Configure your new port in the USB Device Agent

* Check that the ports appear as 'started' when you click Start 

1. Go to C:\Program Files\BioStar 2(x64)\nginx\html 


2. Open index.html with a text editor such as notepad


3. On the bottom of the page, keep note of the name of the .js file that is listed as script src.


4. Open C:\Program Files\BioStar 2(x64)\nginx\html\js


5. Right click and open the modules-xxxxxxxxx.js file (the file name you saw in the index file) with a text editor such as notepad with administrator privileges.

6. search the keyword 'localhost' to find the following
example: USBAGENT:{HTTPS_BASE_URL:"https://localhost:8081/api/",HTTP_BASE_URL:"http://localhost:8082/api/"}

7. Change to the desired port number after localhost:

example: USBAGENT:{HTTPS_BASE_URL:"https://localhost:9999/api/",HTTP_BASE_URL:"http://localhost:8888/api/"}


In the example below the https port has changed to 9999, the http port has changed to 8888.


8. Save the file.

Additional Step for BioStar Version 2.4


1. Open your modules-xxxxxxxxx.js file. 

2. Change the USBAGENT_HTTP_PORT:8082, USBAGENT_HTTPS_PORT:8081 to the same ports you changed in the steps above. 
3. Save the file.

Note: All your client PC's USB Agent ports must match the port you configured on the .js file

Final Steps

1. Open your chrome browser.

2. Click F12 to open developer mode

3. Right click on the circling arrow.



4. Click Empty Cache and Hard Reload.

5. Log in and check if Biomini is visible. 


A official solution will be available in BioStar version 2.6 where you can just apply the port change in the USB Agent UI and BioStar web client.