Issue about exporting/importing certain fields of User to BioStar


Affected Products & Versions: BioStar v1.8, v1.9



When you import only certain fields of User, not overall fields, the fields which are not included in the imported file are reset to default value in BioStar 1.8 or 1.9 automatically.



Issue Reproduction: 

1. Export User as .csv file with certain fields like User ID, Name, Department and Expire Date. 

2. Import the exported file to BioStar.

3. Besides User ID, Name, Department and Expire Date, the other fileds are initialize into default values.

4. For example, even if you set the Access Group which is one of the fields of User to specific value, this field is set to default value, “Full Access”, after you import the file including a few fields such as User ID, Name, Department, Expire Date.




We are looking into this issue.




Apply the fixed execution files to both BioStar v1.8 and BioStar v1.9 in order to resolve the issue. Please download the attached files.