Unassigned Wiegand Card with Facility Code Cannot be Searched

Affected Products & Versions
: BioStar 2 (all versions)


In BioStar 2 if you try to search a unassigned Wiegand card with a facility code, you will not be able to search the card. 


Issue Reproduction: 

1. Enroll a Wiegand Card to a user.

2. Delete the card. 

3. Use Registration Option of Assign Card.  

4. Search card number with the FC code. 


You can import a CSV file to assign the unassigned Wiegand card to a user. 

By using this method you do not necessary have to search the card manually via the Assign Card feature. 


We hope to have the search feature working in a future version of BioStar 2.
If this is a crucial feature for your customers, please provide more information by entering a ticket.