FaceStation 2 Connection Issue with Public IP BioStar 2 Server


Affected Products & Versions: FaceStation 2 1.0.1 FW



FaceStation 2 devices may not connect to a BioStar 2 Server with a public IP based on your network equipment because it uses a different gateway search method than other Suprema devices.

Issue Reproduction: 

1. Set device connection mode to device to server connection and input server IP. 

2. Device is not connected to the server.

* This issue may not be replicated in some network environments so only use the fix when necessary



1. Download the beta firmware from the link below: 


2. Paste the file into your BioStar 2 firmware directory
i.e C:\Program Files\BioStar 2(x64)\firmware

3. Upgrade the device firmware. 



Use workaround for now. The fix will be included in the future official firmware version.