DB Connection Check Bug in the Installation Process and BioStar Setting


Affected Products & Versions: BioStar 2.4.1 (MS SQL for installation issue)



The database connection check feature does not work properly in BioStar Setting or in the installation connection check step. 


Issue Reproduction (BioStar Setting): 
*applies to Maria DB BioStar Installation as well

1. Input wrong information in the Host and AC, TA password.

2. Click Save.

3. Click Test Connection. 

4. Result is "Succeeded to connect..." while connection has failed. 


Issue Reproduction (BioStar MS SQL Installation): 

1. Run BioStar 2.4.1 installation.

2. Choose Custom installation. 

3. Choose MS-SQL as the database type. 

4. Click Check the database connection.

5. Click Next. 

6. After about 40 seconds you will continue to the next screen without a warning 

(the feature should normally stop you from going to the next step because the connection check failed.) 




Configure the connection information carefully and do not rely on the test connection feature. 

For MS SQL DB connection issues, refer to the following article:
[BioStar 2] Troubleshooting BioStar 2 MSSQL Installation Issues



Use the workaround for now.

BioStar Setting: Fixed in BioStar 2.5 (Fall of 2017)

BioStar MS SQL Installation: No projected fix date available yet.