Manual User Transfer 

To manually transfer users to the device follow the procedure below. Remember to transfer you Access Groups as well once you have made any changes. 

1. Click on the User tab.

2. Select users you want to transfer on the tab on the right. 

* use the Shift or Ctrl button to select multiple users

3. Right click and select Transfer users to device.

4. Select the device you want to send the users to. 

5. Check Overwrite users with different information if you have updated user information on the server that you want to apply on the device. 

6. Click Transfer to device. 

Automatic User Transfer 

The automatic transfer is not an automatic synchronization feature like BioStar 2. However it allows you to transfer new information to all connected devices with a single click. 

1. Select Option > User > Transfer Mode > Auto

2. Go to the User tab.

A new button will appear left of the Add button.

3. After you make a change on a user click Send to Device and the updated user information will be sent to all connected devices.

Manual Access Group Transfer 

1. Click on the Access Control menu. 

2. Select an Access Group

3. Click Transfer to Device

4. Select the devices you want to transfer the information. 

5. Click OK. 

Automatic Access Group Transfer

1. Select Option > Access Control > Transfer Mode > Auto .

2. When you make changes to the access group and click Apply, it will be sent to all connected devices.