This article describes the ways you can use Suprema devices with 3rd party controllers.

Using BioStar + 3rd Party AC Platform

This method is by far the fastest and easiest, although it requires to manage users through Biostar and the AC features using the 3rd Party software (depending on the type of integration).


Users would be enrolled in Biostar (include Biometrics and other AC suitable data), in the 3rd party software insert the suitable user data and Access rights then to configure the Wiegand OUT interface on authentication success in Biostar.

Refer to the link below regarding Wiegand configuration in BioStar 1 and 2

Using BioStar 2 API or Data Base level Integration. 

By using BioStar 2 API it is possible to replicate users between Suprema and 3rd party platform in a straight way. Please check our BioStar 2 API here.

The Database level integration implies to access directly both Suprema and 3rd Party DBs. For this end please be careful as any wrong command can create undesirable effects in either platform's DB (proceed with caution and at your own risk). You can find information about our DB Table Structure here.

Using BioConnect 

You can use BioConnect (paid license per device) to sync the users in a third party ACM software to BioConnect and enroll biometrics from there.

If you're having issues with BioConnect, please contact the Bioconnect support: please specify what the issue is and what 3rd party software version you are using.