There are two ways you can use Suprema devices with 3rd party controllers.

Using BioStar + 3rd Party Program

This is not a convenient option because this method would require managing both BioStar and the third party software. 

Users have to be enrolled in both software and the device would be configured with Wiegand OUT on authentication success in Biostar.

Refer to the link below regarding Wiegand configuration in BioStar 1 and 2

Using BioConnect 

You can use BioConnect (paid license per device) to sync the users in a third party ACM software to BioConnect and enroll biometrics from there.

The benefit compared to using the option above is that you don't have to manage users in two separate software (re-create users again). 

Refer to the product description below:

If you're having issues with BioConnect, please specify what the issue is and what 3rd party software version you are using.