There are several reasons why your T&A report result is appearing as absence.
Refer to the instructions below to see that you have configured your T&A properly.

Affect Result is not checked

If you do not check affect result for a time category in the Daily Schedule, all result will appear as absence. 

Grace is not checked

If you want the Late In or Early Out results, you have to check Grace on. If you do not want to configure any grace minutes you can leave it as 0. 


T&A Event Type is not set in the device

If you are not using First Check-In / Last Check-Out, set up the T&A key as necessary.
Detailed instruction about the T&A key and mode type are provided in the administrator’s manual.

Minimum Duration is not met

If you have set a Minimum Duration for a Daily Schedule and the user has not fulfilled the entire time, the result will be absence.  

Multiple Sequential Check-in or Check-out Events

If you use T&A keys, the option of First Check-in / Last Check-out on Daily Schedule will be ignored.


If you have sequential events of the same kind, the logic of BioStar 1 T&A is as follows:
a.Only the last IN of multiple IN is calculated.
b.Only the first OUT of multiple OUT is calculated. 

Below is a sample of IN IN IN OUT sequence. The first 2 IN are ignored.


Below is a sample of IN OUT OUT OUT event sequence
The last 2 OUT are ignored. 


Please refer to [BioStar 1] Basic T&A FAQ and Configuration for more information about basic T&A configuration.