What is PoE? 

Power over ethernet is a feature to power up the device through the ethernet interface. This would remove the need of wiring a power supply to the device.

Hubs and switches with a PoE feature can provide a power to the device. 

What class PoE Hub should I use?

In order to use your Suprema device with a PoE Switch, your switch will have to be at least a Class 0.

Note that the supply of electricity by each PoE hub port is irrelevant to the hub's accordance to IEEE802.3af standard. 

So the number of devices you can connect as PoE is different based on your hub's specification. 

For instance, a hub which provides full 12 watts in each of its ports will work fine with Xpass devices to be powered on with PoE. 

However if the specification for the hub is maximum 12 watts per port, it may mean it may provide less than 12 watts per port if more devices are plugged in as PoE. 
For instance, with such specification, if you have a 24 port hub and you connect all 24 ports all with PoE, each port may provide 6 watts which would not be enough for the device. 


Hence it is important you have a PoE switch that provides full 12 watt power on each port. 

Can I use connect the device to a PoE hub and a power supply at the same time?

It is recommended that you only use a single power source to avoid unforeseen issues.

When two power sources are connected, the device cannot tell which power will be used. 

Even if you connect the power supply first and then connect the PoE, the choice of power will alter based on the voltage of the adapter. 

If the PoE hub does not enough power it may cut its power, which may cause network issues. The excessive power may damage the device caused by burning. 

Furthermore if two power sources are connected, unwanted electric current may cause a noise so it is recommended that you only use one power source.

Refer to the announcement below as well: