Originally it was recommend to use a separated  12v DC power for FaceStation 2. But, this specification has shown a power cabling distance issue from a number of customer sites.

Therefore, in order to secure a longer power cabling distance, FaceStation 2 power supply specification was changed to use 24v DC power.  

The below is a screenshot of the updated FaceStation 2 quick guide.

Please note that this does not mean that the existing old version of FS2 with 12v DC power supply customer sites should make a change to adopt if they're not having problems with their operation.

However, it is recommended by Suprema to upgrade existing sites with 24v DC power supply to avoid possible power shortage.

All new sites with new version models of FS2 should install with 24v DC power to avoid power related issues. 

24v DC power adapter is supplied for FaceStation 2 use.  

Refer to the updated device manual that is attached to this article. 


The only devices that should not use a 24v adapter are the following 66 devices that were manufactured in April 2017:  
FS2-D serial #542185212 ~ 542185246 and 542339330 ~542339360

Other devices should be compatible with 24v. 


If you're worried that 24v would be too much power for a device that was originally designed for 12v, but the device was originally designed to withstand 24v so there are no issues for the device to use 24v.