User Information Showing as Different from Server in BioStar 1.92 for 2nd Generation Devices

Affected Products & Versions: BioStar 1.91, BioStar 1.92


When you transfer users with fingerprints to a 2nd generation device from the server, even when they have the same user as the server the user check column will appear as 'Different' on Manage User in Device menu. 

Issue Reproduction: 

1. Transfer users from the server to device. 

2. Click on Manage Users in Device

3. Check the device.

4. User Check column appears as different. 



Apply the patch shown below. 


Apply the patch to resolve the issue

1. Download the attachment. 

2. Extract the file.  

3. Stop BioStar services in BioStar Server Config.

4. Apply the patch on C:\Program Files (x86)\BioStar\server

5. Start the BioStar service again.