BioStar 2 2.5v was released with new useful features and functional improvements. 

Due to important changes and prerequisites, it is strongly recommended to pay your attention to this notice and avoid any possible issues.


Major Update & Changes in 2.5v


System & New Device

- CoreStation, BioEntry P2/R2 are supported

- 64 bit AC server version with better performance

- Oracle DBMS & Internet Explore for client are excluded from the official support

   Please note that MariaDB is recommend for large customer site deployment


AC Server

- HTTPS became as default to increase security level.

  HTTP is still supported as an option, and HTTP access mode will be maintained for upgrade users who have been using HTTP previously. 

  Please be noted to enter https:// and click to proceed as below when accessing the server for the first time. 

  In order to make a connection to be the safe mode, it’s necessary to install certificate from the client PC.  

  Please check our knowledge center for more details through the below link.[]=https


                  -  Admin PW needs to be entered during the installation for higher security.  

                     Admin/Admin for ID and PW is no longer valid. The entered PW is required to log in. 



- Audit Trail for AC server operation tracking

- Intrusion Alarm Zone support

 *Note that BS2, A2, CoreStation, P2, R2 are supported currently


- Automatic sync to devices after restoring the device network connection

- Network disconnection alert event

- Fingerprint enrollment support with a slave FP device.


- User’s ID & email are supported for login ID.

*Recommned not to use Login ID any more since it’s planned to remove Login ID in the future.


- FW update alert message since device FWs need to be updated to the latest version for stabilized system performance  

Video Server


- Hikvision, Dahua, ACTi NVR support for video logs

  Please note that MariaDB & 64 bit OS are only supported 




- Mobile card UI improvement

- Mobile card widget function 


For more detailed new feature information, please check the 2.5v new feature guide from the attached PDF document.



Upgrade needs to be made following the right update path.  Particularly, upgrade to 2.4.1 can take time due to the db converting process. 


- Please do not stop the upgrade and make sure to backup the db before upgrading.






Download Links 


Configuration Guide

· How to Configure Video menu

· How to add a TNA key field in the event log of Monitoring

· How to use Audit Trail

· How to configure an alert pop-up message when a device is disconnected

· How to send Email when a device is disconnected

· Available to login with ID, Login ID or Email

· Fingerprint Enrollment on the Slave device

· Page navigation and search condition

· How to synchronize devices with the server

· How to configure HTTP or HTTPS protocol

· How to configure CoreStation

· How to Configure an Alarm Zone

· How to use Mobile App Widget function


Additional Note:

The next version (2.6v) is scheduled to be released in March 2018 with new devices and upgraded features.