Compatible Models

SDK version used in integration: v5.2.771

Tested NVR list : DS-7608NI-E2, DS-7616NI-E2, iVMS4200 v2.4(PC-NVR)

Additional devices compatible with the SDK (as listed by Hikvision):

1. Encoders or decoders
NVR: DS-9600, DS-9500, DS-7700, DS-7600 series;
HDVR: DS-9000, DS-8000-ST, DS-7600 series;
DVR: DS-9100, DS-8100, DS-8000-S, DS-8800, DS-7800, DS-7300, DS-7200, DS-7100, DS-7000 series;
Encoder: DS-6600, DS-6500(-JX), DS-6100, DS-6401HFH, DS-6000 series;
Decoder: DS-6300D(-JX), DS-6400HD(-JX/-T), DS-6500D series
Remarks: including the model of -ST, -SH, -SE, -SN, -RT, -RH, -XT

2. IP cameras or IP speed domes
IPC: standard definition, high definition, the infrared, the thermal, e.g. DS-2CD7xx, DS-2CD71xx, DS-2CD72xx, DS-2CD8xx, DS-2CD81xx, DS-2CD82xx, DS-2CD84xx, DS-2CD83xx, DS-2CD20xx, DS-2CD21xx, DS-2CD22xx, DS-2CD23xx, DS-2CD26xx, DS-2CD30xx, DS-2CD31xx, DS-2CD32xx, DS-2CD33xx, DS-2CD40xx, DS-2CD41xx, DS-2CD42xx, DS-2CD62xx, and so on
IPD: standard definition, high definition, the infrared, e.g. DS-2DE71xx, DS-2DM72xx, DS-2DF72xx, DS-2DF1-7xx, DS-2DF1-6xx, DS-2DE51xx, DS-2DM52xx, DS-2DF52xx, DS-2DF1-5xx, DS-2DF1-4xx, DS-2DM1-7xx, DS-2DM1-6xx, DS-2DM1-5xx, and so on
Zoom camera: DS-2DZ216MF, DS-2DZ2116, DS-2ZCN2006, DS-2ZCN2007, DS-2ZMN2007, DS-2ZMN2006, and so on
Intelligent traffic camera: (i)DS-2CD91xx、DS-2CD9xx, and so on


Compatible Models

SDK version used in integration: v2.14.50523

Tested NVR list : DH-NVR608-32-4K, DH-NVR4416, SmartPSS V1.13.1.R.20160504(PC-NVR)

Additional devices compatible with the SDK (as listed by Dahua):


Acti NVR

SDK version used in integration: v3.0.12.42

Tested NVR list : NVR3 V. Enterprise(PC-NVR)


Check the following if the video log is not generated even when the device is on the compatible device list: 

1) Record Status: 

- the camera that is added in BioStar 2 for video logs should be always recording in the NVR.

2) Time synchronization: 

The NVR, Camera, and BioStar 2 server time should be synced with the same time. 

 - Check the NVR/Camera NTP configuration 

 - Check the BioStar server PC (Windows) time. 

3) Device and door configuration: 

  - A device should be added in BioStar 2 and should be assigned to a door

  - The door should have a relay configured to the door and should be configured as a enter or exit device

4) Video tab: 

 - the NVR and camera should be added 

5) Video tab - camera: 

 - the added camera  should have the proper event, schedule, and door configured 

6) Device log: 

 - check on the realtime-monitoring or event log menu to see that the device log is being created successfully when the event happens. 

Further Troubleshooting

If all the above items have been checked but you are still running into issues, please provide the following items and enter a ticket.

1. NVR and Camera model name.

2. All the logs in C:\Program Files\BioStar 2(x64)\ve\logs

3. A screenshot of the contents within the folders in  C:\Program Files\BioStar 2(x64)\ve\records\video
 * If the folders are empty, there is a high chance that the recording wasn't made or the event wasn't configured properly