[Known Issue] BioStar 2 Dahua Video Issue with Certain Timezones 

Affected Products & Versions: BioStar 2.5 Video - Dahua


Dahua PC-NVR timezone is shown with a wrong value in Biostar video when a certain timezone is used. 

This effects time zones that do are not x:00 based. For instance 09:00, -8:00 timezone works fine but timezone with 5:30, 5:45, -01:30 will have an issue because of a bug. 

Issue Reproduction: 

1. Set the server PC timezone to UTC+ 05:30. 

2. Add the NVR and camera in the Video tab of BioStar 2.

2. The video logs will not be saved in the server (or logs of a different time will be saved).


You will have to apply the BioStar 2 patch below and also configure the NVR accordingly as shown below. 

Applying the BioStar 2 patch

1. Stop the BioStar 2 Video service. 

   a. Run BioStar Setting

   b. Click Stop on Video Server service. 

2. Open C:\Program Files\BioStar 2(x64)\ve\dist\lib\bsve\dll\

3. Copy bsve.dll in another safe location for backup. 

4. Download the patch file from the following link

5. Paste it to C:\Program Files\BioStar 2(x64)\ve\dist\lib\bsve\dll\ and overwrite

6. Restart the BioStar 2 video service in BioStar Setting.

Dahua PC NVR Configuration

* If you are using a Dahua PC-NVR. It is recommended to use version 1.3. 

* Version 1.16 does not work with BioStar 2. 

Download the 1.3 version from the following link

1. Configure the time correctly on the server PC. 

   a. Control Panel > Date and Time > Change time zone...


2. Synchronize the NVR time with the Windows as below: 

   a. Click the Sync Now button.

    * the time next to the Sync Now button means that the NVR time will be synced with Windows at that specified time. In the screenshot          below, the timezone will be synced with Windows every day at 00:00:00. If you click Sync Now, it will be synchronized immediately.



3. Add the IP Camera to be used in the PC-NVR menu. 


4. Set the IP Camera's NTP and configure the timezone identically as the server PC.  


5. Make the IP Camera to record at all times. 


6. Check that the NVR is recording properly by checking the Play menu.


7. Configure BioStar Video and see that the log is being recorded properly. (the video log will appear 3 minutes after the log is created) 


Note: When you add or edit a NVR on BioStar Video, the timezone value is logged in the BioStar video file log (C:\Program Files\BioStar 2(x64)\ve\logs\biostar2-ves-*.log). 



Dahua Hardware NVR Configuration

1. Configure the timezone same as your server PC's timezone after accessing the configuration page.


2. Follow the same steps above from step 3 in Dahua PC NVR Configuration.


Apply the patch and configuration shown above for now. 

A permanent patch solution will be provided in the future version of BioStar 2.