Warning: BioStar 2.5's automatic user synchronization feature will automatically synchronize the device with the server even before you click 'synchronize'. Make sure to turn off the automatic user synchronization beforehand as shown in the steps below to avoid the server deleting all the users on the device
(if your server has no users). 

1. Log in to BioStar 2

2. Go to Setting > Server 

3. Select Not Used for Automatic User Synchronization


5. Go to the Device menu.

6. Search and add your device. 

7. Select the device and click Manage Users in Device

8. Click on the down arrow and Select All.

9. Click Upload


Now all users will be uploaded to the server. 

10. Configure necessary access group, user groups, door, and T&A because that is not uploaded from the device.

Note: logs will be uploaded from the device to the server.

11. Register T&A device and configure schedule again.  

12. Turn on automatic user synchronization on Setting > Server (unless you don't want to use the feature)