Milestone integration is Suprema’s first VMS integration which allows users to be able to view access control events and manage doors directly from Milestone Xprotect client. The solution is made based on Milestone’s MIP SDK which provides reliable compatibility and easy configuration. 


Major Features & Benefits

- View live video from the cameras linked with access points.

- Map access control events to trigger video alarms and check video alarm logs.


- Seamless BioStar 2 full integration experience.



How it works?

-  Milestone MIP SDK  is used for the interface between BioStar 2 and Milestone event server.

- The interface links two systems and allows Xprotect client to provide the intergrated monitoring experience.




To implement this integration, you need:

- Milestone XProtect Professional 2017 R2 or higher version

- Milestone XProtect Professional license

- Suprema BioStar 2.4.1 or higher version

- Suprema BioStar 2 integration plugin installation

- Suprema Access Control Devices


How to dowload

- Please contact your sales account manager to receive the package files.



Additional Note:

BioStar 2.6v  will have a difference license policy and may requires a different license condition.


Application Note

How to utilize BioStar 2 integrating with Milestone


Also, please read the manual carefully before you install BioStar 2 Milestone Integration package(the manual is in the package)

, and contact Suprema tech support team if you have any questions.