BioStar 1.x supports MS SQL as default DB. Plus, BioStar 1.x supports MySQL and Oracle.

To use MySQL for DB of BioStar1.x, you should check the list below.

1) Are you going to install both of BioStar server and MySQL at same PC?

2) Are you going to install MySQL separately?

3) Which OS type do you have?

4) Do you have already installed MySQL database server?

5) Do you know which version of MySQL server you installed on PC?

<Installation Procedure>

First of all, we need to install MySQL server. If the customer installed MySQL server before, please check MySQL version and ODBC connector.

And then, we need to install BioStar to create BioStar database.

Step 1. Install MySQL database with ODBC connector

1) We strongly recommend using MySQL server 5.5 and x86 version 5.1/5.2 of ODBC connector.

2) You should click the following link and download MySQL server if you don’t have MySQL installation file.

3) BioStar is optimized for MySQL 5.5.

4) If the download progress is finished, go to connector/ODBC. To connect MySQL from BioStar Server, the BioStar server PC must install ODBC connector.

Or, you can download it from the following link.


5) You should download ODBC connector 5.2 or 5.1 as x86, 32-bit type.

6) If all neccesary files are downloaded, doublc click MySQL installer.

7) To install MySQL server, please install Mysql installer file first.

8) Click [Next] and follow the procedure of MySQL Installer.

9) MySQL installer will ask to enter a password for root account. It’s system account for MySQL server access. You should know the password and keep during MySQL.

10) If MySQL insatllation finishes, we can install ODBC connector file. You should need to check the version of ODBC connector and the 32 bit version. And then, double click mySQL ODBC connector to install that. 

11) To check MySQL server status, run MySQL client and log on.

12) MySQL client will ask to enter password for root account. Enter the password.  If the password is valid, MySQL will indicates as follows.

Step 2. Install BioStar

1) If you have V1 devices only, we recommend using Biostar 1.9. If you have V1 device and V2 device, you can install BioStar 1.92.

2) Go to Suprema Website and Download BioStar.

3) In middle of BioStar installation, it will ask to install Microsoft SQL server express.  Click [No] to skip the installation.  And then, BioStar installer will show DB setup progress.  Choose database type and enter valid parameter.

Step 3. Set ODBC Driver on BioStar Server Config

1) Run BioStar Server Config icon on Desktop. Choose DB type and click on [Configure]. You should ODBC driver version at the time.

Step 4. Start BioStar Server

1) Click on [Start] button and see if the BioStar Server is running.

Step 5. Run BioStar Client