Fire Alarm Zone

This feature control how doors will respond during the case of fire. External inputs can be fed into the BioStar system to automatically trigger door releases or perform other actions.

To connect Fire alarm control system, we need to use extra input port which is not using.

Let’s say, there is one Suprema device and one secure IO. You can use an extra input of SIO inputs to the output port of the fire alarm control panel.

If we make the fire alarm zone and connect the input of Suprema device from fire alarm control panel, a door will release automatically as soon as a device detects the input.

<Physical wiring of Fire Alarm Zone>

Electrical specification

If the electrical output of Fire Alarm Control panel is too high, the input port of Suprema device will be broken.

o Switch Input

o VIH (V) - Min. 3V ~ Max.5V

o VIL (V) - Max. 1V

o Pull-up resistance (Ω) - 4.7k

- The input ports are pulled up with 4.7k resistors

How to configure Fire Alarm Zone

1. Create new door and then, assign the door into the fire alarm zone

2. Assign devices to include fire alarm zone device

3.  Set an alarm setting if you need

4. Choose an available input port which is not dedicated to other functions such as EXIT Button or Door Status.

5. To finish and save the setting, click apply

How to Confirm Fire Alarm Zone

Only Administrators/Operators can remotely lock the door when the door lock has been released due to a Fire Alarm. You can select multiple doors and lock them altogether or you can lock the doors individually.

The Relay Status shall appear as Door Relay Off, and the door must be locked.

Press Release Alarm button to deactivate Fire Alarm Zone.

Proceed with user authentication in every device, and make sure the door opens only after the proper authentication.